Junkyard Jets The Book

Where do airliners go when they die? A behind-the-scenes look at the airliner storage and scrapping industry. Junkyard Jets the book brings it to you packed with a 192 pages of colorful images.  Order you book Now!

Chapter 1 Airliner Retirement and Storage

Jetliners are sent to storage for a number of reasons, most commonly under-utilization by an airline or an aircraft has reached the end of its useful life. The world economy is cyclic, and when travelers stay home, airlines must reduce service to trim costs. A reduction in flights means over-capacity, and over-capacity equals too many [...]

Chapter 2 Jetliner Dismantling and Recycling

After the aircraft’s engines and all valuable components have been removed from the jetliner and the part-out process is complete, the gutted fuselage is then transferred to the scrapper’s yard for the final phase. (photo by J. Douglas Scroggins)

Chapter 3 Incident Aircraft

Demolition of incident or accident aircraft. Junkyard Jets will take you through the process of how these mishap aircraft are scrapped. (photo by J. Douglas Scroggins)

Chapter 4 Airframes for Testing

Jetliner cabins and cargo compartments have changed little during the past 30 years, and for that reason they can simulate a real-world travel environment for explosives tests, law enforcement training, and the certification of new materials and technologies.  Junkyard Jets the book covers the complete process of how these airframes are used for testing. (photo [...]

Chapter 5 Aviation Cinema Art

A look into how retired old airliners find their way on the silver screen.  Junkyard Jets the book looks into how retired airframes are used in the television and film industry. (photo by J. Douglas Scroggins)

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